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Last Updated 12/4/2020 - Season details are still being organized by league officials. Please stay tuned for updates!

Registration Instructions (Read and Save this information before starting the registration process.)

  1. Registering an entire team? Please email your club and team name, and we will provide your team with registration instructions. If you would like to pay team fees as a whole, please let us know and you will be sent a code for your families to register with to waive the registration fee. Players will need to register individually and request your club and team during registration.
  2. Registering an individual for a team with your club? Contact your team coach/manager and they will provide you registration instructions and codes for your team!
  3. Registering a free agent and looking for a team? Follow the below registration instructions!

Individual Player Registration Instructions:  

  1. Visit Our Registration URL: to open your account or create one. (Please DO NOT create a duplicate account! Try to reset your password before you attempt to make a new account.)
    • Click on Register to play/participate which is in 'Account Options'
    • Choose registrant
    • Register as a player 
    • Please place in the "comment box": the name of the team, or coach or who your child wants to play with so we know what team we should assign them to.  (FREE AGENTS, TYPE FREE AGENT)
    • Click on: continue to check out. There is no need to buy any insurance
  • You finish only when you see "Order Complete.”
  • We will assign your child to the team and connect with you about your assignments
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(last updated) December 20, 2012